Ryder Cade Hutton

With interested family and friends all over the world, we felt that an online update and communication forum on and for Ryder would be great. Enjoy, Scott & Courtney

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


24 hours later and I am doing fine. It looks like I may have a slight black eye but all in all I don't look or feel too bad. To honor Mommy and Daddy, I decided to go old school with the retro Scooby-Doo band-aid.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Head Injury

Well, tonight was not so much fun. First, I lost my balance and fell into Wilson's food bowl stand. I know that doesn't sound so bad, but I broke the fall with my head (actually, my left eyebrow). After Daddy got home we headed to the hospital. Sounded fun to me.....roadtrip. Well after they wrapped me like a mummy to hold me down and pulled out the needle, I knew this was no longer considered fun. I was screaming, crying, sweating, and kicking..... four stitches later we were on our way home. I am going to take some Motrine and go to bed. I certainly hope tomorrow is a better day.

Thanksgiving in San Antonio 2

While in San Antonio, we checked out the River Walk and Alamo.

Thanksgiving in San Antonio 1

Mommy, Daddy and I flew to San Antonio for an Osborn family reunion over the Thanksgiving weekend. I had so much fun with my cousins/second cousins. I really wish we were closer to one another so we could play more often. Aunt Donna and Uncle Skip had a great play room for us with all sorts of good toys. I got dressed up (check out my sweater vest) for Thanksgiving dinner but decided it was more fun to just play.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sitting in the Grass

I took advantage of the wonder Fall weather to sit outside with my puppy, Wilson. We just chilled.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Bryson's Birthday Party

Bryson's birthday party was yesterday. He had a great time and got a bunch of fun gifts. He was really nice and allowed me to help him open some presents. We both could get used to this gift thing. Our parents said that we will get more in a couple of weeks for Christmas. I can't wait.

Earning an allowance

Daddy said that it was time I started contributing....so I volunteered to walk Wilson for a nominal fee.

Fall on the River 2

Mommy is so over protective....she insisted on holding my hand. No really, it has nothing to do with my walking skills.

Fall on the River 1

Mommy and Daddy thought that I should spend some time down by the Mississippi. So we walked, thats right we walked down to the park. Wilson liked it more than I did....he ran and ran and ran, which I can't do yet. Mommy and I sat watching him in amazement then got a bunch of kisses when he was done.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween 2

Bryson, Estella and I all went out trick or treating on Halloween.

Halloween 1

I wanted to go as a golfter for Halloween so Daddy surprised me by getting a caddy outfit. We had a blast. I don't think I am ready for Augusta yet but at least we won't have to buy any clothes when the opportunity presents itself.

South Main Arts Festival

Papa and I had a blast at the South Main Arts Festival.

1st Birthday Party

Over the weekend, I had my first birthday party! It was awesome. Some of my best friends, Jack, Estella, Georgia, Kate, and Bryson came over for cake and some playtime. Nana and Papa Leveque and Grandma Hutton came to Memphis for the party.
I did not like the cake and actually had an allergic reaction....not ideal, but I loved the gifts and toys.