Ryder Cade Hutton

With interested family and friends all over the world, we felt that an online update and communication forum on and for Ryder would be great. Enjoy, Scott & Courtney

Sunday, September 14, 2008


With baby Taggart's arrival, I told Mommy and Daddy that they should create a family blog; after all I am a team player and really don't need my own blog. Please visit the new family blog. You may access it at the following link:


With that, I tip my cap and say adios.

Brotherly Love

Well in my new role as a big brother, I decided that I should look Tagg in the eye and set some ground rules. Afterward, I decided that I should announce to everyone how our conversation went. Again, I think this is going to work out just fine.

Meeting Tagg

Well, I put on my big brother shirt and headed to the hospital. I was so happy to see Mommy and Daddy, and this Tagg character is not so bad. He actually gave me a gift. I think this is going to work out well.

Friday, September 12, 2008

New Additions

Guess where I am going later today? Give up....the hospital, and this time its not because I have to get stitches. I am going to visit Mommy and my little brother, Tagg. Taggart Payne Hutton was born early this morning (Sept. 12th) at 4:06am. As all little brothers should be, he was smaller than me; he weighed 6 lbs 15 oz and measured 20 in. Daddy told me that the first pictures of Tagg are on the new site.


Monday, September 08, 2008

Mommy and Me

Mommy and Daddy keep reminding me that my baby brother is set to arrive any day now. I don't fully appreciate what that means but I decided I should enjoy spending quality time with Mommy since I may be sharing her soon.