Ryder Cade Hutton

With interested family and friends all over the world, we felt that an online update and communication forum on and for Ryder would be great. Enjoy, Scott & Courtney

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Email from Patricia Emory-Walker

He was 8.84 lbs and 20.5" long. Everyone is doing great.

Woo Hoo!

From: Patricia Emory-Walker
Sent: Tue 10/24/2006 4:51 PMTo: All EmployeesSubject: Courtney and Baby . . . still waiting

Courtney and Scott are currently at the hospital and Courtney is in labor.
Scott said that things are going great, but I have no official ‘the baby is here’ news to share as of yet.
Stay tuned . . .

patricia emory-walker vice president archer>malmo 901/260-4149


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